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Born In The Cloud

While firms have been innovating with new financial products and strategies, investment management technology hasn’t kept pace. At Ridgeline, we’re drawing on decades of tech expertise to build a cutting-edge enterprise architecture from scratch. We’re investing heavily in technology, data, and user experience. Our customers will enjoy ironclad security, zero downtime, consumer-grade UX, and scalable performance. Our technology won’t just help firms catch up with the present. It’ll serve as a foundation for the decades ahead.


Consumer-Grade Usability

 We’re applying domain-driven design to ensure we understand how a business works before trying to modernize it. The result? Attractive, easy-to-use software, which reduces day-to-day friction.

Protection For Firms And Investors

Security is foundational to Ridgeline’s products and engineering organization. Our security engineers work side-by-side with our product engineers to build a robust, data-security security strategy. We treat a firm’s data and security with the utmost care and make developing secure applications effortless for our product engineers.

Automation Across Applications

Ridgeline technology is built to accommodate existing processes, not replace them. We’re building our workflow engine to be highly configurable based on how firms are organized and their particular business rules. Our workflow tech will enable automation, improve efficiency, and reduce operational headaches.

A Single Source Of Truth

Our technology is built to share data from a single source, finally making possible unified applications across departments.  Firms will spend less effort hunting for the right data and more time putting it to work. Our APIs will make it easy to move, transform, and export data.

Modern Cloud Infrastructure

While we aim to make our tech foundation invisible to customers, its benefits are obvious: our serverless architecture, built on the public cloud, permits highly performant scalability. Our approach, which incorporates microservices and modern frameworks, allows for rapid development. We’ve also made a big bet on developer operations. We’re building a full-cycle development culture, with a mission of continuous delivery.