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Ridgeline is the industry cloud platform for investment management. Learn more about our organization, who we serve, and what matters to us below.

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Ridgeline is a high-growth tech startup revolutionizing the investment management industry. Our visionary founder and experienced leadership team are building a world-class organization that attracts top talent from across both the financial services and technology industries. As a privately-funded company bound by a set of core values and driven by marketplace demand for what we can uniquely deliver, Ridgeline is well positioned to succeed - and have fun while doing it.

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Recent Awards

Though we are just getting started on our journey, we are proud and humbled by the recognition we have received.

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We are hiring for a range of roles in our offices in Incline Village/Lake Tahoe, NV; Reno, NV; San Ramon, CA; New York, NY; and select remote roles.

Meet Our Employee Ambassadors

Ridgeline is intentional about creating an environment where people can be their authentic selves, make a meaningful impact, build a community, and have fun along the way. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and elevate and include a variety of voices and opinions. Meet some of our employees below!

Derick Gross
Product Engineer and DevOps Liaison, NYC

Favorite Ridgeline core value: Employees

How does your job contribute to Ridgeline's overall business goals?

My work helps to ensure that all Ridgeline teams have access to reliable data and that my team can deploy new product features efficiently

What do you like about working at Ridgeline?

I like that we're solving a difficult problem in an industry that touches a lot of lives but, more than anything, I enjoy working with thoughtful and helpful colleagues. Ridgeline is full of wonderful people – it truly is a joy to help them achieve our shared goals.

What’s something you’re passionate about doing outside of work?

Hugging my daughters, who are ages 6 and 1. With their permission, I'll be picking up my guitar a little more often soon.

Caitlin Wolters
Senior Product Engineer - UI Team; Incline Village, NV

Alma Mater: Yale University
What has surprised you about working at Ridgeline?

How much fun we have in meetings, people's willingness to express themselves, how organized the company was for being so new.

What makes someone successful at Ridgeline?
Kindness, willingness to help others, attention to detail.

Fun fact: I’m converting a van into a camper!

Ian Evans
DevOps Engineer, Infrastructure Engineering; Incline Village, NV

Favorite Ridgeline core value: Integrity

What has surprised you about working at Ridgeline?
The integrity, compassion, and competence of the leadership team is really remarkable.

What makes someone successful at Ridgeline?

A passion for solving hard problems, taking joy in collaborating on said hard problems, and not taking yourself too seriously.

Fun fact: Before switching to software engineering, I had a career in academia. I earned a Ph.D. in philosophy, and published a philosophy textbook called Knowledge. My second career in software engineering is much more lucrative. :)

Kendall Vondriska
Engineering Manager; Reno, NV

Favorite Ridgeline core value: Fun

How does your job contribute to Ridgeline’s overall business goals?

As engineering manager, it's my job to ensure that the engineers on my squad have clarity and direction, aren't being blocked by other squads, and are delivering work when we've agreed to deliver. Helping my squad move quickly means that Ridgeline becomes feature-complete faster, which allows us to take more customers live.

What do you like about working at Ridgeline?

I love the collaboration. I love that any time I need help, people are willing to either drop what they're doing or to schedule time with me soon after to make sure I'm supported. To see Ridgeline succeed, we each need to succeed in our own work; I've always felt that people recognize that and are willing to pause their own work in order to help their peers complete their work, too.

Favorite emoji response to use in Slack?


Nick Aparicio
Product Engineer, Trade Order Management; Reno, NV

Favorite Ridgeline core value: Integrity

What would you tell someone who is interested in joining Ridgeline?

The culture is by far the biggest impact here. Engineers from previous companies have all told me that Ridgeline has something different. The work environment is great and many of them feel appreciated.

What has surprised you about working at Ridgeline?

The amount of growth that has happened over the last two years and the growth projected for the coming years.

Fun Fact: I have been working since I was 12 years old. My father taught me work ethic at a young age. I would wake up every weekend at 2:30am to help deliver tortillas with him. It has caused me to become a morning person!

Stephane Rangaya
Senior Product Engineer; NYC

What do you like about working at Ridgeline?

The company culture is amazing and very centered about helping each other grow. As an engineer, it is fantastic to be in an environment where you're trusted to experiment and take on new responsibilities, knowing you have the support of your teammates.

What has surprised you about working here?

It doesn't feel like working at a company but more like we have a project with friends. Even though we're working on challenging problems, we're still having fun.

What’s something you’re passionate about doing outside of work?

Traveling and exercising! My goal this year is to close my Apple Watch activity rings every day.

Fun fact: I've taken enough trains to travel the circumference of the earth.

Notable Benefits

Our benefits reflect the kind of organization we want to be: one in which our employees feel valued and are inspired to bring their best selves to work.

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