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Digital Transformation

The Time to Future-proof Your 
Business is Now

The pace of change is accelerating in investment management. There’s the shifting consumer demographics, the painful upheaval of new regulation, and the headline-making data security breaches.

Digital transformation is here - and so is the opportunity cost to holding out. Ridgeline is the system that addresses the pain of legacy technology and helps your firm move confidently into the future.

Experience Purpose Built

The financial industry is notorious for legacy tech that was built to solve one functional problem, but the result is a tech stack of systems that don’t talk to each other and have to be separately operated, maintained, and resourced.

Ridgeline is different. We gave our team of industry experts and technologists a clean sheet of paper and permission to question everything. The result is a purpose-built, front-to-back system that has the power to transform your business.

Better than “Best of Breed”

In today’s environment, “best of breed” is no longer measured just by a stack of features. Equally important is the speed of delivery, access to data, and experience of the user. Ridgeline enhances all the functions you need through next-generation architecture, an API-first mentality, and an intuitive user interface.

Eliminate Upgrade Interruptions

The days of batch upgrades are over. By sending continuous updates to the system on a regular basis, Ridgeline eliminates the disruption characteristic of legacy tech. New capabilities and features are pushed out without delay and software fixes can be deployed without having to wait for a new release.

Understand Changes

With knowledge dating, bi-temporal views, and double journal entries, each Ridgeline user can see and pull out details from any point in any transaction. Timestamping makes it easier to know the whole story, reduce risk, and explain why and how things changed to investors, regulators, and internal stakeholders.

Single Book of Record

It’s nothing short of an industry gamechanger. Ridgeline’s single book of record means you can reliably share the same accurate version of the truth instantaneously across all of your firms’ business functions. Events like corporate actions, compliance violations, and executed trades are published and broadcast to everyone in the system at once so your whole team can take action confidently.

 • No more maintaining separate books of record across systems
 • No more tedious and disruptive integrations between systems to provide the latest positions and values
 • No more risking decisions being made off of incorrect information

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