Ridgeline started where other companies could not: with a clean sheet of paper and a bold question, “How can technology make this experience better?”
We’ve reimagined every core back-, middle-, and front-office function and how they could work together in a single platform to more effectively drive the investment lifecycle.

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Client Engagement

Service and Growth

Ridgeline allows relationship managers to provide the kind of superior client service that builds trust with clients. When your entire firm is operating on one integrated system, it’s easier to access key client information, quickly respond to client needs, and spend more time adding value to your relationships.

Up-to-the-minute Client Details

Ridgeline is designed to reduce data entry and accelerate taking action with accurate, current investment details. All of your client information is maintained in the same system as the trading, portfolio accounting, and reporting services so the whole team has on-demand access to the latest client information.

One-time Client Onboarding

Not only is it easier for client teams to pursue and convert new opportunities, new clients only need to be onboarded into Ridgeline once for all users within the firm to access. Create a new client or partner profile, set up new portfolios and their investment mandates, select compliance rules, and connect custodians – since all of these "events" are published across Ridgeline, client portfolio details are immediately accessible from every part of the platform.

Ridgeline Test Drive: Servicing Clients with Global Search

Ridgeline makes it easy for your whole team to access information anywhere in the system, which can facilitate client servicing needs.
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What's Ridgeline like?

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Investor 360 View

View up-to-date investment holdings and performance against the related benchmarks, recent call reports and investor documents, and account activities such as emails, meetings, and tasks. You can also connect Ridgeline to your Salesforce CRM with our Ridgeline-Salesforce Connector.

Service Experience

Minimize the time needed to find and act on key pieces of client information. Initiate and fulfill common client and partner service requests; and automate service case workflow with alerts, approvals and tasks.

Party Model

Ridgeline’s foundation for Client Engagement is a traditional financial services party model that includes entities such as contacts, companies/organizations, households, and partner relationships. We marry our party model with an extensible portfolio-custodian account model that includes adding multiple portfolios, sub-portfolios (including unsupervised assets), and custodial accounts. This facilitates reporting, billing and invoicing, and trading for both clients and groups of portfolios.

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