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Operational Efficiency

You’re Too Smart to Work Too Hard

You already recognize the cost of inefficiencies built into your day to day. The lost time spent syncing information across systems. The alt-tabbing around a patchwork of screens. The excessive clicks to find the data you need. What if you could eliminate all of these?

Moving to a single system that is purpose built to help you succeed means now you can. It’s time to optimize your firm’s resources, time, and talent.

Single Source of Truth

Optimize your desktop and put an end to the “Alt-tab” life by unifying all core operations within one system fed by Ridgeline’s single book of record. Cut out the steps required to correct inconsistencies from disparate data sources, decrease the risk of trading off inaccurate information, and cure the headache that is syncing across systems.

Reduce Overhead

Ridgeline introduces a new, third option to the “outsource or insource?” debate: immediate, self-service access to data within the same system that your team’s already paying to use for everything else. Without having to go ask the back office or rely on the vendor, anyone at the firm has the power to create and access workflows, process automation, audit trails, self-service reporting, and 360-degree client view.

Break Down Silos

With an intuitive interface designed for anyone to use, the whole firm can quickly adapt to Ridgeline and access formerly siloed information while maintaining permissions and entitlements. Unlocking data ensures more collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Provide Personalized Service at Scale

Ridgeline lets you apply customization across a huge number of accounts so you can take on more investors with existing resources - without jeopardizing client service. Portfolio Managers can construct portfolios with investor-specific rules that will automate processes like compliance, investor preferences, and tax loss harvesting.

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Ridgeline has 6 industry-specific core applications in one platform
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