Ridgeline started where other companies could not: with a clean sheet of paper and a bold question, “How can technology make this experience better?”
We’ve reimagined every core back-, middle-, and front-office function and how they could work together in a single platform to more effectively drive the investment lifecycle.

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Data Management

One Platform with One Unified Data Model

Front, middle, or back office? Regardless of your role within a firm, you can be confident in the accuracy and uniformity of the data across the entire Ridgeline platform. Ridgeline is built on a single source of truth, unifying data across applications and departments for greater efficiency and reduced risk. Our integrated data model digitizes your operations, reducing paper and eliminating report generation you used to need just to perform most actions. Now, it’s easier to take action with accurate, current information.


Ridgeline believes that for a firm to operate most effectively, the same source of data truth should be used across teams to drive the best decisions and achieve optimal outcomes. With a sophisticated Data Orchestration Engine and real-time dashboard, your users will spend less time hunting for the right data and more time putting it to work.

Data Accessibility

Ridgeline’s open API model and data orchestration engine supports file-based processing, which promotes streamlined integrations both ingesting and exporting data. With our growing list of vetted market and reference data vendors, you can continue to use your choice of providers, including:

 • FIS
 • Gresham Technologies

 • ICE
 • FactSet

pr- shape - Ridgeline, Inc.Platform Data screen
triangle - Ridgeline, Inc.Platform Data screen
Direct Control

With Ridgeline, you no longer have to wait hours or days to access data from an outside system. Having Ridgeline at your firm means everyone on the team has deep access to and control over the data they need to view, act on, and report right away.

Seamless Ingestion

Easily ingest custodian data, reference feeds, market feeds, and more through Ridgeline APIs in a wide array of supported file formats, connectivity, and encryption protocols. Ridgeline normalizes all your securities, benchmark, pricing, and corporate action data in the Security Master so your team can work with one clean copy of data and positions.

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