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API Integration with Ridgeline

The same best-in-class APIs that power our application can be utilized for integrations and extensibility by Ridgeline’s customers and service partners.

 • The Ridgeline platform uses over 900 APIs while maintaining a unified  API and user interface (UI). This enables us to modify, add, or remove services without downtime.
 • Each API request is consistently tested and service contracts are enforced to ensure the API delivers as expected.
 • Each request is extensively documented, including descriptive use case and payload information that is updated in every release so you always have the latest information.

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 • Customers can access Ridgeline’s API Portal, which is a complete collection of all Ridgeline API requests and their related information, such as required permissions and sample code you can immediately put to use.

 • Select from a list of several programming languages to view request and response examples in the format that works best for your team. Each example body can be ‘copy and pasted’ to quickly execute any request in your API client.

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