Ridgeline started where other companies could not: with a clean sheet of paper and a bold question, “How can technology make this experience better?”
We’ve reimagined every core back-, middle-, and front-office function and how they could work together in a single platform to more effectively drive the investment lifecycle.

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Trading without Limits

When it comes to trading, timing is everything. Fortunately, with Ridgeline’s cloud-native platform, you’re already a step ahead. Trading is fully integrated with everything from Client Engagement and Accounting to Reporting and Compliance – and all of them are fed by a single book of record with near-real-time data. This synchronization allows you to be confident you’re always executing trades with the most current information, so you never miss a beat.

Right-sized Processing Power

A cloud-native, serverless system means Ridgeline can scale processing power to meet even your most high-volume trading days. You never have to worry whether computing power bottlenecks will stand in the way of processing the day’s trades (or, that you’ve overpaid for underutilized power on light days).

Multi-asset and Venue Capability

Ridgeline’s trading system is designed to handle multiple asset types and their associated workflows as well as being capable of accessing a wide variety of trading venues.

Built-in Compliance Engine

When regulatory restrictions, compliance rules, and client mandates are already in place, it’s easy to stay within bounds and still maintain the fast pace of trading. Exception-based management surfaces flags immediately so you can take action quickly by adjusting allocation quantities, removing restricted industries, or reviewing and overriding restrictions.

triangle - Ridgeline, Inc.Platform Trading screen
triangle - Ridgeline, Inc.Platform Trading screen
Portfolio Construction

Optimize your firm’s order raising with features like:

 • Order creation
 • Drafting target allocations
 • Modeling within a strategy
 • Allocation methods
 • Tax-lot selection
 • Block by broker
 • Drift rebalancing

Trade Order Management

Get all the tools needed to organize, manage, and execute trades for portfolios across your firm, including:

 • Efficient trade management blotter
 • Order entry and management
 • Accurate intraday portfolio data
 • End-of-day custodial notification
 • Commission management
 • Connection to DTCC and other third parties

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