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Ridgeline® is the industry cloud platform for investment management. Learn more about our organization, who we serve, and what matters to us below.

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About Ridgeline

Our Brand Promise

Ridgeline gives investment managers a competitive advantage with modern technology purpose-built for the industry. This is our commitment to our customers; everything we do is in service of this goal.

Ridgeline’s History

Ridgeline was founded on the shores of Lake Tahoe in 2017 by visionary software entrepreneur Dave Duffield. Dave sought to apply his successful formula of solving operational business challenges with bold innovation and human connectivity to the unique needs of the investment management industry.

Ridgeline started with a clean sheet of paper and a deep bench of domain experts and technologists bound by a set of core values and motivated to offer the industry a better experience than legacy tech. We are building a new, modern platform in the public cloud, purpose-built for the investment management industry that prioritizes security, agility, and usability to empower firms like never before.

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Recent Awards

We are proud and humbled by the recognition we have received.

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Core Values

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“Core values are the beliefs that are most important to Ridgeline. They serve as our moral compass and the basis for our decisions and actions; making us a better place to work, a more desirable partner, and a committed supporter of our communities.”

Dave Duffield, Founder and CEO

Our unconditional commitment to our teammates creates an environment where people are valued and considered family. We communicate openly and honestly; we respect and trust one another; and we lift each other up in the pursuit of shared goals, diversity, and inclusion. We aim to provide an enjoyable and productive work experience, a healthy work-life balance, and a family-like team environment.


As our company evolves and grows, you can bet that we’ll have a lot of fun along the way! We do not take ourselves too seriously, and we continually look for reasons to cut loose, laugh, and create memories together. Families included.


A healthy bottom line enables us to invest in our company, service delivery, and innovation, and personal passions. Accordingly, fiscal responsibility and spending company money wisely is always on our minds as we demonstrate our other core values.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a direct reflection of our competence, attention to detail, ability to listen, and commitment to our customers’ success. Expect us to be obsessed with delivering reliable products and being accountable, responsive, and proactive.


This value takes us back to The Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Present your true self, take responsibility for your actions, and be ethical, honest, and transparent in your dealings and decisions. This comes naturally and easily when you are a person, team, and company of good manners and moral fiber.


When we think about developing our products and delivering service, we start from a place of open mindedness, curiosity, and risk taking. We won’t just keep pace with industry standards; we will anticipate challenges and think bigger. The result will be solutions that address real business issues, save resources, establish leadership, and inspire progress.

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Ridgeline in Action

Ridgeline considers it our intrinsic responsibility to have a positive impact in the communities where we work and live. Through company matching of donations and volunteer hours, Ridgeline supports the causes that are important to our employees  and doubles their investments in social good. We also use sponsorships and grants to local non-profit organizations to show our communities that we care.

Environmental, food insecurity, social justice, and childhood development organizations are just a few causes our employees are passionate about supporting.

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