What is Ridgeline?

Ridgeline is the industry cloud platform for investment management. Learn more about our organization, who we serve, and what matters to us below.

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Who We Serve

Ridgeline is the technology of choice for leading innovators across the U.S. in the investment management industry.

Our customers recognize the potential for the right technology to be a competitive advantage that can catalyze their ambitions for growth, operational efficiency, and digital transformation.

Ridgeline for Asset Management

While our future is inclusive of the entire investment management industry, Ridgeline currently works with buy-side asset management firms who are primarily focused on institutional investors and have equity-dominant strategies.

Asset classes Ridgeline supports:

 • Equity
 • ETF
 • Mutual Funds
 • Corporate, Municipal, Government, Convertible Bonds
 • FX (Spots, Forwards)
 • Options and Futures

Our platform eliminates blockers to help your firm stay focused on beating market benchmarks and delivering positive returns. From proprietary research to complex regulations, we understand the operational intensities that come with the active investment lifecycle - and how critical it is to choose the right partner that understands not only your challenges but how to unlock your potential.

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From portfolio managers to operations, Ridgeline benefits every role in your organization
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