Ridgeline started where other companies could not: with a clean sheet of paper and a bold question, “How can technology make this experience better?”
We’ve reimagined every core back-, middle-, and front-office function and how they could work together in a single platform to more effectively drive the investment lifecycle.

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Double Entry, Single Source of Truth, All Balancing to Zero

Ridgeline’s Accounting application provides your firm with an exceptional degree of transactional detail, configurability, and reliability. Double-entry bookkeeping, a configurable chart of accounts, near-real-time data, and a full general ledger mean you’ll always know where the data is coming from and have quick access to details like intraday valuations and cash positions.

Experienced Team

Getting investment accounting systems right is hard. No one knows that better than people who have devoted their careers to tackling that challenge. Ridgeline’s application was thoughtfully and precisely designed from a clean sheet of paper by our investment accounting specialists. They combined their extensive prior experience at top Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Big Four accounting organizations to create a multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-custodial system capable of handling whatever you throw at it.

One Source of Truth

Ridgeline is an accounting system, not a transactional system. That means you can trace all actions back to their journal entries in the underlying single book of record, where they are automatically captured and accessible to all workflows. Click on any transaction to see granular details such as commissions and fees broken out in debit-credit journal entries.

Ridgeline Test Drive: Configuring Your View

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Reconciliation, Automated

Ridgeline automatically initiates reconciliation with start-of-day positions as soon as files are available each 24-hour period. Breaks can be quickly reviewed, filtered, annotated, and resolved so your firm is ready to start the trading day.

Say Bye to Batch

With an event-based, near-real-time, multi-currency accounting engine, settled trades are reflected in the system for all teams right away, instead of via tedious batch loads and extractions.

Multi-asset, Multi-currency

Ridgeline supports a wide and growing range of asset classes, including:

 • Equity
 • ETF
 • Mutual Funds
 • Corporate, Municipal, Government, and Convertible Bonds
 • FX (Spots, Forwards)
 • Options and Futures

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