Ridgeline isn’t just another solution to add to your firm’s tech stack. We talked to hundreds of investment firms across roles to make sure we build a product that is designed not only to meet the demands of today but to future-proof your firm for whatever comes next.

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Portfolio Manager

Handle More Accounts with Greater Efficiency

Imagine the time you will save when everything you need is purpose-built within one, integrated system. No more alt-tabbing between screens. No more email volleys of static spreadsheets. From setting up clients to addressing compliance mandates to generating reports, having all the data, functionality, and insights you need in a single system allows you to stay focused on driving value for your firm.

Manage Existing Portfolios

View performance against benchmarks and strategy. Quickly identify and execute investment changes. Automatically resolve rebalancing and compliance violations, all with the most up-to-date information.

Set Up New Portfolios Quickly and Accurately

Get new client portfolios up and running fast. Ingest and instantly populate client information, strategy, requirements, and compliance rules in a single screen. Select investments and submit orders with confidence that your decisions are based on the most accurate information.

Proactively Manage Portfolios

Establish guidelines that flag positions that have drifted outside of an acceptable range.  Automatically bring those portfolios back in-line with their investment objectives.

Reporting Information at Your Fingertips

Easily access tradings, holdings, and performance reports in the same system. Quickly get answers to your questions and make your daily reporting more efficient.

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