Ridgeline is for firms ready for something better. Our industry cloud platform brings never-before-seen possibilities to investment management firms for integration, efficiency, security, and more.

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Ridgeline leverages modern cloud tech and a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services to maximize the value we provide you. What you experience is a highly available system that’s built to scale (with no on-premise servers to maintain).

Elastic Scale

As the demands on the system change throughout the trading day, Ridgeline leverages cloud’s elastic scale to bring computing power wherever you need it when you need it. Being able to dynamically scale computing demand leads to optimal performance, even at peak times.

Event-Driven Architecture

While Ridgeline is comprised of six core applications, each of them is actually built from much smaller units called microservices. This flexible approach allows us to create robust, sophisticated applications that can nimbly update and respond to change as events occur across the system – all in near real-time.

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Ridgeline has 6 industry-specific core applications in one platform
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