Ridgeline is for firms ready for something better. Our industry cloud platform brings never-before-seen possibilities to investment management firms for integration, efficiency, security, and more.

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You have high expectations for the technology you use in the rest of your life – why not expect more from the tech you rely on for your job? Ridgeline’s intuitive, seamless system has a consistent look and feel that was inspired by the same best-in-class technology you enjoy in your downtime.

Democratized Tech

Thoughtful, consumer-like design using straightforward navigation, keyboard shortcuts, and a single-page app result in tech that’s easy enough for everyone on the team to learn and use. Adoption by your whole team reduces the risk of a dependency on any one person to understand and operate critical systems.

Global Search

Global search provides greater flexibility and power to locate the information you need and get the job done faster. Just type in what you want to find to retrieve any information you’re looking for in the system – no need to remember a complicated menu structure. You can even search for functions, such as “generating a report.”

Workflow Engine

Go from siloed to seamless with Ridgeline’s built-in Workflow Engine. It lets you configure your core process flows to accelerate your operations and enable intuitive task management – without a single line of code.

 • String together functional chains and assign tasks to team members with a click
 • Remove barriers and save time with automated, secure task handoff
 • Notify impacted team members of critical events and tasks requiring their attention
 • Receive workflow notifications and communicate alerts across teams

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