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Building The Enterprise Cloud For Investment Managers

Enterprise software simplifies complex business processes. It connects departments, eases headaches, surfaces valuable insights. We’re building enterprise software designed specifically for investment managers. Our unified suite of applications, built on modern technology, will transform the way firms serve their investors. Our promise is to move everyone at a firm to higher value work.


An Industry Under Pressure

Shrinking margins demand firm-wide operational efficiency, but legacy tech creates friction between departments. Core applications are often built on 90s-era architecture and require specialists to maintain broken and insecure data integrations. Patchwork systems are stitched together with CRM, email, and spreadsheets. The industry has been underserved by technology. It's time for a complete rewrite.

Product Vision

Building an enterprise cloud will create value by unifying applications and surfacing data for insights. We're starting where firms' richest data lives - the back office. Our vision, however, extends across all departments and workflows, from managing the books  to investor reporting. 

Trading & Accounting

Building from a clean sheet means designing a modern backend. We’re starting with accounting and trading systems: portfolio accounting with configurable double-entry bookkeeping, simplified reconciliation, an OMS with support for custom allocation strategies, and a configurable restrictions engine. The marriage of these systems connects departments and turns the back office into a differentiator.

Humility And Partnership

We don’t yet have all the answers. We’re doing a lot of listening and we're hiring industry veterans to share what they’ve learned. Importantly, we’re looking for strategic partners, with a common vision for what “better” means. Our engineers, designers, and product managers work side by side with our partners’ traders, accountants, and portfolio managers. Our roadmap reflects partner priorities, and our success is shared.

A Path Forward

Ridgeline is investing heavily in the ongoing success of our customers. We’re building our professional services organization to seamlessly transition firms to our platform, train their teams, and incorporate their feedback into the product. Our team is available 24/7. We will not rest until our customers are happy and satisfied.

"Ridgeline brings an enterprise mindset to investment management software. Our youthful, spirited team is purpose-driven, has a thirst for knowledge, and is determined to modernize a hugely influential industry."

Dave Duffield Founder & CEO

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