Ridgeline is for firms ready for something better. Our industry cloud platform brings never-before-seen possibilities to investment management firms for integration, efficiency, security, and more.

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Ridgeline is designed to evolve with your business. Our flexible technology extends across your ecosystem, empowering you to grow, evolve, and adapt to meet changing needs.

Open APIs

Ridgeline’s platform is powered by best-in-class APIs, reducing complex custom integrations and making even the most granular data easily accessible by internal and external parties. Our data orchestration engine can ingest and extract data from a wide range of APIs, Files, Websites, Messaging, and more to support integrations with custodians, brokers, and even UMA/SMA sponsors.

Unified Data Lake

Ridgeline believes that you should be in control of your own data. We eliminate the pain caused by data silos and allow all data captured and stored within our unified data lake to be queried. This results in the ability to quickly find what you need and derive insights.


All APIs are open and published securely. APIs are documented in plain English, to facilitate interoperation with proprietary systems and get data out into a consumable format. Our APIs are coupled with intuitive user documentation that is continuously updated for every release.

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