Ridgeline isn’t just another solution to add to your firm’s tech stack. We talked to hundreds of investment firms across roles to make sure we build a product that is designed not only to meet the demands of today but to future-proof your firm for whatever comes next.

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Compliance Officer

Help Ensure Compliance at Every Step

Add efficiency, automation, and superior visibility to your process to be certain your firm’s activities remain compliant with both regulators and customer requirements.

Create User Roles and Permissions

Allow your firm’s staff the appropriate levels of access to data and actions required for their job while restricting what’s outside their scope. Manage access for the entire platform in one central place.

Set Client and Firm Compliance Once

The Compliance Rule Builder lets you easily set rules at both the portfolio and company level and efficiently modify when necessary.

Expedite Violation Management

Instantaneously receive all violation alerts in a single dashboard and provide real-time approvals or follow up on override requests. Monitor portfolios to keep risk tolerance within bounds, manage cash requirements, and rapidly address any issues.

Generate Audit Trails and Compliance Reviews

Rest easy knowing all actions are captured in straightforward audit trails. Facilitate internal and external audits with robust reporting features.

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