Ridgeline started where other companies could not: with a clean sheet of paper and a bold question, “How can technology make this experience better?”
We’ve reimagined every core back-, middle-, and front-office function and how they could work together in a single platform to more effectively drive the investment lifecycle.

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Transparency Woven into Every Step

Ridgeline knows that Compliance impacts every part of your business, so we’ve built a robust compliance engine to match. Keeping operations compliant despite shifting regulations and client preferences can be difficult and expensive without the right tools. Our compliance engine is fully integrated throughout the platform, allowing you to have more control and proactively reduce risk at the firm, account, and regulatory level.

Heightened Visibility

Universal rule access, real-time exception-based management notifications, and both pre- and post-trade compliance checks enable the entire team to operate in lockstep.

System-wide Audit Trails

Check comprehensive allocation history, click into each step of an order for details, and then generate an audit trail at the push of a button.

pr- shape - Ridgeline, Inc.Platform Compliance screen
triangle - Ridgeline, Inc.Platform Compliance screen
Flexible Rule Building

Set client and firm mandates once and easily assign them to portfolios or groups of portfolios. Create rules or templates based on security reference and position data. Have to adjust or extend a rule? No problem: with cloud’s horizontal scaling, you can make changes across all impacted accounts in a few clicks.

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