Ridgeline is for firms ready for something better. Our industry cloud platform brings never-before-seen possibilities to investment management firms for integration, efficiency, security, and more.

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Security is the foundation of Ridgeline and is embedded in every aspect of our decision-making and technology strategy. Ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of your information and, by extension, your clients is a responsibility we take extremely seriously.

Security-First Mindset

All of Ridgeline’s employees embrace a security-first mindset. From day one, our security engineers have worked side-by-side with our product engineers to build and continually strengthen a robust data-security strategy. Security First training is delivered in every employee onboarding and advanced training is provided to teams with access to sensitive data.

This mindset drives behavior and processes while embedding the latest in protection strategies into both our operations and at every step of product development.  In line with that mindset, we’ve architected our corporate environment via a Zero-Trust model, which allows our team to connect securely from anywhere through our protected end-point security settings and monitoring.

SOC 2 Type II Certified

Earning and maintaining the trust of our customers is of paramount importance to us. Our Chief Security Officer joined Ridgeline as an early executive hire to establish our foundation of security and compliance. Then, we took the  extraordinary step of securing SOC 2 Type II certification to reflect our commitment to the security, availability, and confidentiality of our platform and customers’ data.

To further establish our customers’ trust, we regularly perform external penetration tests on our platform and APIs and vet third-party partners for security, compliance, and privacy implications prior to acceptance and deployment.


Ridgeline is a fully cloud-native solution that is built on AWS, the same best-in-class cloud infrastructure trusted by FINRA and NASDAQ.  We leverage AWS services and build additional advanced security capabilities within the product.

Secure Development Lifecycle

Ridgeline’s development pipeline is designed to support seamless updates so customers enjoy the best experience without delays and without compromising security. Security configurations within customer accounts are deployed via infrastructure as code (IaC). Comprehensive controls govern our change management process including required testing and approvals prior to deployment. Ridgeline’s codebase and web applications are continuously scanned for potential vulnerabilities, which are proactively remediated. These checkpoints ensure the integrity, quality, and security of the code deployed on our platform.

Data Protection

Securing our customers’ data is critical to our security-first culture. Customer data within our infrastructure, storage, and computing resources are encrypted at rest and in transit via industry-standard techniques (e.g., AES-256, TLS 1.2, etc.). Customer environments are configured with industry best practice security standards and are continuously monitored for potential security changes or events.

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