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Compass Capital Management Modernizes Technology with Ridgeline's Front-to-Back Platform

Minneapolis-based Compass Capital Management calls Ridgeline “the next big thing” for investment management industry.

Ridgeline Staff Writers
January 30, 2024

INCLINE VILLAGE, NEV., December 14, 2023 - After more than two decades on its previous systems, Compass Capital Management is the latest firm to transition to Ridgeline, the industry cloud platform for investment management. 

Compass found Ridgeline when looking for solutions to automate trading and improve client reports. “We realized we could accomplish those goals and have the opportunity to start from scratch and put everything in one backbone — that was the appeal,” says Chief Operating Officer Phil Stern. 

Ridgeline’s single, front-to-back platform and unified data model was a refreshing alternative to “a lifetime of trying to reconcile different systems and a ton of cost,” says Stern. “We don’t like technology for the sake of it, but we are very interested in tech that can help us be efficient, and that provides a return on investment.”

Another advantage Stern anticipated was the improved data quality through Ridgeline’s single book of record approach. “Having more confidence in our data, reducing errors — that’s the biggest impact.”

“Compass had never done something like this. So there had to be a pretty compelling risk-reward. Ridgeline is the next big thing to change this industry.” - Chris Kelley, President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Compass Capital Management

For Compass President and Senior Portfolio Manager Chris Kelley, the move enables the firm’s ambitious growth goals by helping reallocate talent from mundane tasks to more mission-critical work. “It’s really about repurposing time — where can we have people doing higher value work for the firm? There are a number of ways we can get some time back with Ridgeline, and that’s the excitement for us.”  

As an early customer, Compass has enjoyed being part of Ridgeline’s forward-thinking community. “We took a bet on the people, and it paid off. Every person we’ve interacted with is massively impressive,” says Stern. This includes Ridgeline’s alliance partners, such as MD Solutions, who provided operational support during Compass’s transition. “They know our old system and Ridgeline, so they’ve been really good partners. They add a lot of value.”

Ridgeline’s unique talent blend of innovative technologists and seasoned domain experts was key to building confidence among the Compass team. “We would never trust a tech-only company, and an industry-only company can’t think outside the box enough to really revolutionize software for this field. So it had to be a combination of the two,” says Kelley.

Stern agrees that Ridgeline is what the industry has been waiting for, saying, “Nobody has been able to do what Ridgeline is doing. The revolution is exciting.”

Ridgeline Co-CEO Dave Blair says, "Compass has been an excellent early partner to Ridgeline, providing valuable feedback in the development of multiple features. We look forward to helping them achieve their growth goals efficiently and serving them for years to come.”

About Ridgeline

Ridgeline is the industry cloud platform for investment management. It was founded in 2017 by visionary entrepreneur Dave Duffield (co-founder of both PeopleSoft and Workday) to address the unique technology challenges of an industry in need of new thinking. We are building a modern, AI-embedded platform in the public cloud, purpose-built for the investment management industry to empower business like never before. With a growing campus in Reno, and offices in New York, Lake Tahoe, and the Bay Area, Ridgeline is proud to have built a fast-growing, people-first company that has been recognized by Fast Company as a “Best Workplace for Innovators” and by Frost & Sullivan as a “Technology Innovation Leader.”