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Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management is the Latest Customer to Go Live on Ridgeline’s Front-to-Back Cloud Platform

Boston firm calls Ridgeline “an awakening” that will give them a competitive advantage.

Ridgeline Staff Writers
April 29, 2024

INCLINE VILLAGE, NEV., April 30, 2024 - Ridgeline announced today that Boston, Massachusetts-based Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management has made the transition to its front-to-back investment management cloud platform.

Founded in 2005, the impact investing firm recognized that their “old and clunky” tech was incongruent with the progress they saw happening in other industries. “To differentiate and compete, you really have to pay attention to technology. It was becoming clear to me that our tech wasn't going to get us where we needed to go,” says CEO Chat Reynders.

After years of evaluating other systems, Ridgeline was a breath of fresh air. “Ridgeline is a solution that we had just not seen before. The straightforward concept that you bring all of your data onto a single ledger is so powerful. It allows us to control risk better; you can't underestimate that.”

Ridgeline is the first cloud-native, enterprise solution for investment management, built with best-in-class security and high-availability from the start. Core functions like portfolio accounting, trade order management, reporting, and compliance are brought together with a single set of real-time data on an intuitive platform. Many customers are replacing up to 9 disparate software packages and a multitude of integrations by transitioning from previous solutions. 

Ridgeline’s innovative approach appealed to the progress-oriented firm. RMCM will be able to augment their experience with the Ridgeline Assistant, a generative AI-powered functionality that provides users with real-time support and streamlined processes. “We are seeing AI and a productivity and efficiency boom across many industries. Ridgeline feels like the most important resource for Reynders, McVeigh to also ride this wave,” says Maria Egan, Vice President & Director of Shareholder Engagement. 

"It was very easy for us to see that Ridgeline is exactly the type of technology that can get us to the next level and help us compete.” - Chat Reynders, Chairman and CEO

Following an introduction at Ridgeline’s Base Camp conference, RMCM chose Empaxis, known for its expertise in legacy technology and cutting-edge platforms like Ridgeline, to ensure a seamless transition. Empaxis’s experience proactively addressed potential challenges, ensuring operational continuity and minimizing disruption during the migration.

“We always have a long-term view — just like with our investments. We think what has real value is a relationship that you build with a true partner. With Ridgeline, we're finding that partnership and it's driving us forward,” adds Reynders.

Ridgeline co-CEO Dave Blair notes, “Chat and the team at Reynders, McVeigh are true leaders in impact investing; Ridgeline is proud to be their technology of choice, and we look forward to helping them and their clients achieve their goals for years to come.”

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