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Asset Management Firm Replaces Multiple Legacy Systems by Moving to Ridgeline, the Industry Cloud Platform for Investment Management

Value investing firm Seizert moved to Ridgeline after 20-plus years on the same disparate legacy systems. Ridgeline was exactly what they'd been waiting for.

January 30, 2024

Value investing firm Seizert moved to Ridgeline after 20-plus years on the same disparate legacy systems. The firm was looking for an alternative that “would move us to the next level,” according to Seizert Portfolio Manager David Collon. After learning about Ridgeline, the Seizert team was confident they’d found the right tech partner. "What intrigued us the most was that Ridgeline was starting from scratch."

Unlike typical systems in the industry, Ridgeline’s front-to-back, cloud-native platform was purpose-built for investment management. It includes a broad range of core functionality including Client Engagement, Portfolio Accounting, Trade Order Management, Portfolio Construction, Reporting, and Compliance. The entire system uses the single Ridgeline Book of Record, which eliminates the mismatches and import/export challenges common to legacy technology.

The Seizert team transitioned to Ridgeline in May 2023, sunsetting six other systems in the process. As an early customer, Seizert was able to influence and provide important feedback on the product. Ridgeline President Dave Blair says, “Seizert has been an ideal partner. Ridgeline is grateful to them for such a powerful collaboration that’s helping shape the future of the investment management industry.”

A major pain point in Seizert’s former technology was lack of insight into whether or not their systems were properly communicating with one another. This was eliminated with the move to Ridgeline and the unprecedented perspective that comes with a single platform. Collon says, “With our prior system, not all members of our team had access. Now, Ridgeline is on everybody's desktop everyday, and we're all using it for a different reason. We'd never come close to having that transparency or communication between roles, which is a tremendous benefit."

Having one intuitive, easy-to-learn system facilitated the transition across the team. Trader Clare Pauck says, “It wasn’t anything I really had to learn. It just made sense.”

Chief Compliance Office Cheryl Kotlarz believes Ridgeline can help Seizert achieve their growth ambitions: “The Ridgeline system will allow us to scale. We’re not going to have to make changes if we double our assets under management.”

With seamless adoption for the whole company and the prospect of frictionless growth, the possibilities for Seizert are endless. Of the transition to Ridgeline, Pauck says, “Change for our firm is what’s needed. Ridgeline will really take us into the future.”

About Ridgeline

Ridgeline is the industry cloud platform for investment management. It was founded in 2017 by visionary entrepreneur Dave Duffield (co-founder of both PeopleSoft and Workday) to address the unique technology challenges of an industry in need of new thinking. We are building a modern platform in the public cloud, purpose-built for the investment management industry to empower business like never before. With a growing campus in Reno, and offices in New York, Lake Tahoe, and the Bay Area, Ridgeline is proud to have built a fast-growing, people-first company that has been recognized by Fast Company as a "Best Workplace for Innovators," by LinkedIn as a "Top U.S. Startup," and by The Software Report as a "Top 100 Software Company."